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Howdy Bitcoiners,

Trick or treat… Halloween is almost here! If any of you are giving away sats for Halloween, please let me know as I may have to throw on a costume and come by for candy and sats 😀.

We hope you all enjoyed Joey’s interview with Francis Pouliot from Bull Bitcoin. In case you haven’t gotten around to listening to this 2+ hour heater, here is the link to watch it on YouTube –


What’s in store for this week

Monday’s show is shaping up to be another beauty. Slated for discussion is:

-Coinbase withdrawal woes;

-New WhatsMiner and Canaan ASICs;

-Cathedra Bitcoin releases CathedraOS;

-KYC sucks and Kraken proves it;

-More funding to fight foreign wars;

-GDP numbers;

-40-year mortgages in Canada;

-A look at MAID;

-BoC execs getting bonuses; and

-maybe a no coiner or two


Wednesday’s upcoming interview will be with Jaime Garcia ( This will be Jaime’s third appearance on the show and we are grateful that he makes time for us. We are looking forward to catching up on what is going on with him, as well as get his viewpoint on Nayib Bukele’s chances for being allowed to run again as a candidate for President of El Salvador. There are some constitutional hurdles that need to be jumped and Jaime will help break it down for us.


For those who wish to catch us on other platforms, you can find us on:

YouTube (main channel):

YouTube (clips):

Instagram (short clips):



For those who want to buy Bitcoin, don’t forget to use our referral code to get $20 added to your account. Check out our video that outlines the best practices to buying KYC free bitcoin – or if you prefer to buy KYC corn, check out Joey’s video at

Until next time…. Take care, PV, and don’t be a cuck.

Len the Lengend

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