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Howdy Bitcoiners,


With respect to Bitcoin, this has been the slowest new week that we have experienced for several weeks. Those who were excited by the ETF, it is no surprise that it could not maintain the hype and we transition back to what matters the most – development on Bitcoin. The success of Bitcoin will boil down to the UX, as there is a need to make transactions easier and cheaper on scale. Another war that continues on the Bitcoin front is how to deal with the Ordinal spam. How this gets resolved will help define Bitcoin moving forward.



Who doesn’t love clown world? Living in it can be a challenge at times, but reviewing the development over the last 7 days is always a treat.


What we got in store for Monday’s show:

-Stripe drops the ball

-what’s up Franklin Simpleton?

-beware of VanEck

-Tether stacking more BTC

-Chinese short sellers left in the dark

-Student debt

-Pension problems

-More military campaigns

-Student visas

-credit card debt

-and so much more



We have Hrvoje Morić joining ( us all the way from Mexico. He is the host of the Hrvoje Morić Show and the Geopolitics & Empire ( Expect a dynamite show as Hrvoje has an interesting but grounded approach with what is going on in the world.


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Until next time…. Take care, PV, and don’t be a cuck

Len the Lengend

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