The Canadian Bitcoiners

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Howdy Bitcoiners,

MicroStrategy, take notice. With the following message, we have announced that the CBP has started buying Bitcoin.

Slightly less than 2 million sats were accumulated for the month of September 2023, and all have been added to our treasuries. Average buy in: $26,950. Total value: over $500.

Our intention is to report our buys on a monthly basis. If a small business in Canada can start stacking sats, then other businesses can do the same. The most important item is management of the private keys – singlesig vs multisig, who holds the key(s), which wallet(s) to use, etc.

Hopefully with this move, we can get listed on (NVK, let’s make this a reality!).

Until next time…. Take care, PV, and don’t be a cuck.

Len the Lengend

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