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I have a difficult time relating to the modern US left during the best of times.

Whether policy or priorities, I just don’t see the vision.

This morning, though, I simply can’t imagine the mindset of the American D-NPC – in something like 12 hours, their trusted media leviathan pivoted from “Biden is fine, Putin is a mental case, and Tucker isn’t important” to “we need a new candidate and Tucker might be the most important media person on earth”. I suspect the shift back to reality will only continue when KJP gets to the podium at some point today. Even the photos being used by (formerly?) friendly media outlets to project power have shifted to photos of what looks to be a clearly weaker, confused, elderly president. He’s even being portrayed as overly defensive in his response to a damning evaluation of his competence following an investigation into classified documents found in his garage some time ago. Hey, at least there aren’t any mean tweets, though.


I wonder when the wakeup call will come for the left, specifically in America, as this shift in opinion and subsequent reporting would normally wake up even those in the deepest coma – surely, the same media that’s been telling me and my ilk for years that it’s not Biden with the diminished mental faculties, but Trump! Or Putin, even! In fact, many outlets reported only years ago, near the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, that Putin was sick or dying only for such stories to be rebuked by reasonable people at the time, and by all other honest people following Tucker’s interview with the Russian president.

The Russian president appeared loose, sharp and ready to engage with Carlson on any topic, even if only doing so after extemporaneously recounting two thousand years of Russian history with the former Fox news host. Regardless of the content of the discussion, perhaps the most jarring thing for the American populace must have been the stark contrast between their leader and the Russian president – one appearing strong, well versed, prepared, while the other appeared feeble, defensive and overmatched by members of the press gaggle – nothing new for many of us, but for loyalists of the MSNBC/CNN narrative, perhaps a startling revelation.

Where does this leave the left-leaning NPC?

Shell shocked.

The rest of us?

Not so much.

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