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CBP Reading List – Oct 26 2023

Friends and enemies,

As we try to continue cranking out content we think will be valuable to you (and as I personally try to continue shifting toward reading more full length writing), we’re going to try to share – periodically – a list of pieces we think you’ll enjoy and help grow your know.

This week:

(Jesse Myers) The Bitcoin Halving: 6 months until Christmas for your portfolio

(Isaac A. Fithian) The Art of UnderclockingThe Art of Underclocking – by Isaac A. Fithian (

(Peter St. Onge) How they Sell Inflation

With so many different gaps in messaging and policy starting to appear, even the normie class is starting to squint a little more often at everything from grocery prices to jobs numbers. Best to encourage them to squint even harder as we approach the halving.



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