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There’s a video (old, I think) of former president Obama discussing the nature of encryption, impenetrable devices and the dangers of “Swiss bank accounts” in everyone’s pockets, as well as the problems for governments if they aren’t allowed or are unable to “get in”.

Take a look –

Now at first glance, the normie nods along enthusiastically to this comment. “Yeah! How can we trust that everyone is doing only good if we can’t see everything they’re doing!” I’d argue this is the product of a significant amount of public conditioning over the past 30-40 years, especially during what I’ll call The iPhone Era we’ve seen several stories using appeals to emotion to encourage the average person to support edge cases (always sliding inward and away from the edges, of course) to normalize the complete erosion and eventual criminalization of encryption and encrypted devices. Insanity.

In Bitcoin, we know better – especially as it relates to the  financial equivalent of minors could be in danger!the continued collection of taxes in the digital age. No one in Bitcoin – at least no one serious – has ever suggested Bitcoin can be a vehicle for complete tax evasion (though, obviously, this is possible and even likely and unstoppable over a long enough time horizon, as The Sovereign Individual astutely pointed out long before the advent and proliferation of Bitcoin) but rather have only asked for fairness in tax treatment among other things.

Don’t be fooled by the usual “if you have nothing to hide, you should be an open book” nonsense from those without knowledge of history – the aim of all these types of appeals is to have more and more individuals abandon their right to privacy in finance and other aspects of their lives.

Don’t bend the knee. Not an inch.

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