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Howdy Bitcoiners,

Joey here getting ready for another week in Bitcoin and notable stories sure to rock your socks. Truly though, some items of consequence coming across the ticker last week, all of which we’ll need to talk about on Monday with your favourite guest hosts – Scribe and SB. Should be heat.


  • Samourai Turfed, Wasabi Blocking US Users
  • Phoenix Wallet Goes Offline
  • Custody Questions
  • Capital Controls?
  • DTCC and BTC Collateral
  • QR Codes for Visitors to Îles-de-la-Madeleine
  • Houses on Post Offices
  • Block/Square BTC Conversions
  • Block Mining Update
  • Australian PM Censors Memes of Himself
  • Young Canadians Think Retiring at 65 Is “Outdated”
  • Never Owning a Home Now “A Good Thing”


And more.



Bitcoin Magazine heavies Mark Goodwin and David Bailey are on the show – tons to talk about obviously, so that episode is sure to deliver.


Joey is on High Hash Rate


Joey is on Why are We Bullish?


Joey is on Money Talks with Mike Campbell




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Until next time…. Don’t be a cuck.

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