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Howdy Bitcoiners,


The halving is upon us, transaction fees are still cheap, and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of hype around what is coming up. For those who have not yet done so, it is a good time to consolidate your transactions. As of writing this, average fees are less than 10 sats/vbyte. What this means is that there really won’t be a time in the future that transaction fees will be significantly cheaper. Take advantage now, while it is still possible.



What we got in store for Monday’s show:

-Leveraged ETFs

-US selling Bitcoin

-Debanked in New Zealand

-Slipstream is expensive trash

-Uber Eats drivers in NYC

-UK is going bonkers

-MSM gaslighting

-Toronto offices empty

-GBI is the answer?

-and so much more



We have back-to-back interviews slated for this week.

On Tuesday, Nuclear Bitcoiner ( is coming to the CBP for an in-person interview. This talk will no doubt be focused on energy and Bitcoin.

Then on Wednesday, Floyd Marinescu ( makes his way on the show. Floyd is a proponent of several ideas, including an innovative land tax. Is this something that can work and is there an appetite for this new form of taxation?


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Until next time…. Take care, PV, and don’t be a cuck.


Len the Lengend

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