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Howdy Bitcoiners,


Another interesting week in the world of Bitcoin. We lost our battle with $44k but there is a silver lining as the price seems to be settling in the low 40s. It was not too long ago that we were stuck in the high 20s for a long time. As for network fees….. Holy fuck! The jpeg crew and BRC-20 shitcoiners are doing their part to spam the Bitcoin network. Hopefully you had a chance to consolidate your UTXOs when transactions were cheap, but don’t panic if you did not. Play the long game and wait for fees to drop to manageable levels again. It may take a few days/weeks/months, but eventually we will get back to a low fee environment (NFA / DYOR!).

We would like to thank BitMaker ( for making his first CBP appearance to discuss the NerdMiner ( The NerdMiner is a basic CPU miner that is essentially a Bicoin lottery ticket, and it enables people to learn about Bitcoin mining.

Our Christmas special / year in review show is slated for next week. Details will be coming soon!



There is a lot to talk about on both the Bitcoin side of things as well as clown world. The topics we hope to touch on include:

-network fee spiking – why?

-BTCPay / LNbank saga

-Volcano Bond moving forward


-Ledger fumbling again

-Stacker News blacklisting addresses

-Fed pivot

-Costco gold rush

-EV cars in Canada

-and so much more



We do not have an interview slated for this Wednesday, but we will still put out something out. What is planned? Stay tuned!


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Until next time….  don’t be a cuck.


Len the Lengend

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