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Howdy Bitcoiners,

We had another stellar week of the price of Bitcoin pumping, tons of Bitcoin news, and some EXTREME clown world stuff. You are paying attention to what is going on around us and stacking more Bitcoin, right? (NFA!!!). It seems like something is about to break in the world of finance, and Bitcoin will be there to pick up the pieces.



For our flagship show, we have tentatively made arrangements with a guest to make an appearance to talk about a very important subject. Aside from our special guest, we have a lot on the docket and plan to talk about the following:

-Ocean Bitcoin mining

-Canada’s own CBDC

-UK requesting taxes on “crypto” capital gains

-BitKey is the new Ledger?

-bitcoin transactions draining swimming pools

-MSTR buying more BTC

-Bukele steps down

-Inflation is your fault

-move over billions. Trillions have replaced you

-cooking oil unaffordability

-Canadian GDP

-Google pays up for C-18

-and so much more



For our weekly interview, we have CJ Konstantinos (aka CJK / ) scheduled to join us again. It has been a few months since he has last been on the show, so it will be good to catch up with him. If you want to watch his previous appearance on the CBP, it can be viewed at


For those who wish to catch us on other platforms, you can find us on:


YouTube (main channel):

YouTube (clips):

Instagram (short clips):




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Until next time…. Take care, PV, and don’t be a cuck.


Len the Lengend

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