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Howdy Bitcoiners,

Are you ready for another week of Bitcoin ETF hype? The SEC is taking their sweet time on releasing a decision on the bitcoin ETFs, but we should hear something this week as one of the ETFs, ARK 21Shares Bitcoin ETF, has a January 10, 2024 deadline for some sort of decision. What will be the result? Who knows, but it isn’t changing my strategy of buying more bitcoin whenever I have some free money sitting around.

This whole exercise is a good opportunity to sit back and watch how things unfold, but it is also a reminder that holding your own bitcoin (kyc-free preferably) is the way to go. The paper bitcoin offerings will only help muddy the waters for precoiners, and it will be a tool used by traders to try and influence the price of bitcoin.



This could be a 5 hour show. Taking the Bitcoin ETF news out of the equation, there is still a lot to talk about on the Bitcoin front, but it is hard to not overlook the sheer volume of clown world news. 2024 is shaping up to be a banner year for clown world. Strap yourself in, as we have only started the year.

What we got in store for Monday’s show:

-Mallers ditches USD

-Bitcoin’s anniversary

-Bitcoin Magazine funding a BRC-20 token platform

-Swan’s internal trading firm

-VanEck’s trojan horse move

-Mt.Gox double spending on payouts

-National debt

-electric buses in the cold

-part-time workers are the new craze

-pension fund borrows money

-citizens leaving Canada

-more grocery games

-the plastic registry

-the rise of Uber drivers in Canda

-and so much more



Adam Soltys from ( is scheduled to come on this week. coinos ( is helping users facilitate payments, using an open source model, for on-chain and lightning settlements. Bitcoin users who are interested in building and using payment method tools will be interested with this live rip.


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Until next time…. Take care, PV, and don’t be a cuck.

Len the Lengend

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