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Howdy Bitcoiners,

Is it a coincidence that the GameStop distraction comes out around the same time of the employment numbers? For those who missed it, the number of full-time workers fell considerably but part-time employment is up quite a bit. The opportunity to present a counter narrative and provide evidence that we are in a weak labour market is lost, all thanks to what happened with GameStop.

What is funny is that even MSM got caught up in the hype and started talking about DFV’s livestream on their newscast.

It is a gong show and we are active participants.



Here is what we got in store for Monday’s show:

-Semler buys more corn (CBP does it too!)

-CoreWeave’s attempt to buy Core Scientific

-Email breach hits several exchanges

-RobinHood buys BitStamp

-Self-immolation to pump a meme coin

-Fees temporarily jump thanks to consolidation of UTXOs

-GameStop to sell more shares

-The end of the PetroDollar?

-Jobs report

-Banks ready to collapse

-ECB and BoC cut interest rates

-Caregivers to be given expedited permanent resident status

-and so much more



On Wednesday, you are in for a treat. Coming on the CBP is MrRGnome, a longtime (and opinionated!) bitcoiner. He doesn’t go on the podcast circuit very much…. I believe the CBP may be his first official podcast? This should be a great talk as he is extremely knowledgeable and never afraid to call out something as bullshit – perhaps he will rip me a new asshole and if it is deserved, so be it :). MrRGnome is currently one of the mods for the Bitcoin Discord channel and I highly recommend you join that chat if you want some high signal bitcoin discussion.


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Until next time…. Don’t be a cuck.


Len the Lengend

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