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Howdy Bitcoiners,

This is a busy time for Bitcoiners in Canada. The Canadian Bitcoin Conference kicks off in Montreal this week, and it sounds like there will be another great turnout. Unfortunately, I will not be attending but the CBP will be represented as Joey will be attending and participating on a panel.

For those following the price, we are heading back to stablecoin territory as $60K to $70K is holding firm for the most part. But I would suggest don’t follow the price – follow the signal. Tuning in can be a bit of a challenge at times, but it is strong. WAGMI. I have no doubt about it.



Here is what we got in store for Monday’s show:

-The battle for financial institutions to custody Bitcoin

-Ohio State boos Bitcoin

-ASICs unplugging

-Coinbase accused of wash trading

-Argentina to mine for more Bitcoin

-Binance fined…again

-Metaplanet stacking more sats

-financial struggles

-the end of social security

-US renters getting hosed

-TD fined…again

-CPP taking a haircut

-BoC’s financial stability report

-no more temporary residents

-and so much more



Zack ₿omsta ( is coming on for an interview. He is the person behind the Loki Kit (, a piece of tech that enables you to run a S19 single hashboard with only 120v. This opens the door for a lot more options for heating your home with more efficient equipment, and it couldn’t have come at a better time since the halving took place a month ago.


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Until next time…. Don’t be a cuck.

Len the Lengend

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