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Howdy Bitcoiners,

The Canadian Bitcoin Conference 2024 edition is now done. For those who attended, I hope you had a wonderful time. Some of the feedback I got from the event is that Jesse Berger’s presentation on A C C E L E R A T I O N was lights out. If you missed it, I believe you can still catch it on YouTube as the conference was streamed on that platform.

Hopefully those who did attend got a chance to meet Joey in person. And for those who missed the big news, Joey announced that he is going to be a dad later this year 🙂

This is a short work week for the CBP (Victoria Day is on Monday), but we will be at it with out usual rip to dive deep into Bitcoin and Notable *coughclownworldcough* news. Personally, I cannot wait to hear first hand experience on the Conference and how it went. Either way, here is our agenda!



Here is what we got in store for Monday’s show:

-Chinese miner kicks out of the US

-Coinbase needs viagra as it cannot stay up

-Tornado Cash developer is going to trial

-New Knots

-Wisconsin buys a Bitcoin ETF

-Millennium Management is doing the same

-Silent payments are here

-IBEX leaving the US

-El Salvador raising capital for a hotel

-UK Bitcoiners are in for a world of hurt?

-Copper a wanted commodity in San Fran

-Acceleration stats

-New York swimmers

-same old games with GME

-Chuck’s new painting

-Volunteering to stock shelves

-and so much more



We got an in-house appearance by Brent ( and Mark ( from the 2 Stewards Show ( Brent & Mark are listeners of the CBP and I met them last year at a Rock Star Real Estate event. They are believers of hard money, hard assets, and hard work. You will be hard pressed to find a couple of guys that are more grounded than these two gents – they have their priorities in order

There will be no Wednesday show this week.


For those who wish to catch us on other platforms, you can find us on:

YouTube (main channel):

YouTube (clips):

Instagram (short clips):



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Until next time…. Don’t be a cuck.

Len the Lengend

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