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Howdy Bitcoiners,


We had an interesting week with respect to the network fees. Something is spamming the network *cough* BRC-20 shitcoins *cough* which is causing grief for folks who are still trying to consolidate UTXOs on the cheap. This spam cannot last forever as those funding these shitcoin “projects” will eventually run out of money. The good news is that these times of high transaction fees makes people look at alternatives, such as the Lightning Network. The more exposure and usage the Lightning Network gets, the more people we can move away from layer 1. Just remember that custodial lightning is the preferred method!

I would like to thank Ben Justman ( for coming on our show to do an interview with Joey. This is a good rip if you are interested in wine and winemaking. If you haven’t yet caught this interview, you can watch it at or listen to is at



We have another banger of a show slated for this Monday. Some of the topics we hope to address include:

-someone is spamming the Bitcoin network

-pension plans buying Bitcoin

-Tether news

-Bitcoin Magazine is promoting what?

-Mutiny stopping Zeus in their tracks

-October’s CPI

-The SPR

-Pentagon accountants cannot count

-sky high rent in Canada

-food bank usage

-and so much more.



This Wednesday, we have Keith Dicker joining us for an interview. He’s the founder and CIO of IceCap Asset Management. Expect some deep analysis into Bitcoin and TradFi.


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Until next time…. Take care, PV, and don’t be a cuck.


Len the Lengend

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