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Upcoming Week For The CBP – June 24, 2024

Blockheight: 849166   Howdy Bitcoiners, Trump was interviewed by the people at the All-in podcast. I didn’t listen to it, but from what I heard 2 things were missing from that interview: Nobody asked him about bitcoin He didn’t bring up bitcoin A missed opportunity? Are you disappointed? This may be another lesson to not […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – June 9, 2024

Blockheight: 847186   Howdy Bitcoiners, Is it a coincidence that the GameStop distraction comes out around the same time of the employment numbers? For those who missed it, the number of full-time workers fell considerably but part-time employment is up quite a bit. The opportunity to present a counter narrative and provide evidence that we […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – June 2, 2024

Blockheight: 846211   Howdy Bitcoiners, How can it be that people are talking about bigger blocks again? Wasn’t this whole debate settled in 2017? The market and participants have decided what they want and they sided with decentralization of miners and nodes. It has been established that increasing the block size makes it more costly […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – May 26, 2024

Blockheight: 845233   Howdy Bitcoiners,   Drama and hype. This is the only way I can describe the last week. The drama is 100% bullshit. The hype may be 100% bullshit. I hope you didn’t get sucked into it. It isn’t worth the time or effort. Bitcoin is a permissionless network – anyone can join, […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – May 19, 2024

Blockheight: 844210   Howdy Bitcoiners, The Canadian Bitcoin Conference 2024 edition is now done. For those who attended, I hope you had a wonderful time. Some of the feedback I got from the event is that Jesse Berger’s presentation on A C C E L E R A T I O N was lights out. […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – May 12, 2024

Blockheight: 843145   Howdy Bitcoiners, This is a busy time for Bitcoiners in Canada. The Canadian Bitcoin Conference kicks off in Montreal this week, and it sounds like there will be another great turnout. Unfortunately, I will not be attending but the CBP will be represented as Joey will be attending and participating on a […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – May 5, 2024

Blockheight: 842183   Howdy Bitcoiners, This might be the last week I will take off from the CBP. The amount of craziness that we have been experiencing over the past couple of weeks is off the charts. What does this mean for people out there who want to put some of their savings in bitcoin? […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – April 28, 2024

Howdy Bitcoiners, Joey here getting ready for another week in Bitcoin and notable stories sure to rock your socks. Truly though, some items of consequence coming across the ticker last week, all of which we’ll need to talk about on Monday with your favourite guest hosts – Scribe and SB. Should be heat. Monday: Samourai […]

Research Round Up – Week of April 28 2024

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES Interesting stuff this past week – governments coming for custody, for mixers, for nodes (potentially) among other things, all while massaging the definition of money to meet the needs of the security state (one of which is always no one gets an inch). Anyway, catch the draft last week? My Commanders took Daniels, he’s going […]

Research Round Up – Week of April 21 2024

FRIENDS AND ENEMIES Another halving in the books, eh? So many of you probably went to outstanding parties, celebrated with friends, or sat in your basement watching on your phone while playing video games (me). Halvings are great – they remind us why we’re in Bitcoin: the predetermined nature of the issuance policy, the […]