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Upcoming Week For The CBP – Feb 18, 2024

Blockheight: 831001   Howdy Bitcoiners,   It has been an exciting week for the CBP, as we released a 3rd episode (a bonus episode!) with Chris Irons (QTR) joining the CBP, along with a cameo appearance from Lawrence Lepard. We also had SB from the (temporarily?) shelved Woke Antidote Podcast join us to give his […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – Feb 11, 2024

Blockheight: 829987   Howdy Bitcoiners,   Can you feel it? The electricity in the air? The excitement surrounding bitcoin? It is the normie class now looking at the price of bitcoin, as we are now (and holding) $48K. With the halving closing in on us and BRRRR just around the corner, we may experience an […]

Capital Controls – It Can Happen To You, ‘Cause It Happened to Me

There’s a famous episode of The Trailer Park Boys where oft maligned rapper/producer/small time dope dealer/knowmsayn enthusiast JRoc unintentionally shares an indecent moment with a few of his pals (bad) and his mother (very bad). Watching the scene is funny, but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t give me a terrible feeling at […]

Presidents, Whiplash and The American Left

I have a difficult time relating to the modern US left during the best of times. Whether policy or priorities, I just don’t see the vision. This morning, though, I simply can’t imagine the mindset of the American D-NPC – in something like 12 hours, their trusted media leviathan pivoted from “Biden is fine, Putin […]

The (Fortunate) Perils of Encryption

There’s a video (old, I think) of former president Obama discussing the nature of encryption, impenetrable devices and the dangers of “Swiss bank accounts” in everyone’s pockets, as well as the problems for governments if they aren’t allowed or are unable to “get in”. Take a look – Now at first glance, the normie […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – Feb 04, 2024

Blockheight: 828908   Howdy Bitcoiners,   Another week of high and low fees. If you have been keeping an eye on the mempool over the past few days, it was like watching a rollercoaster. As I am typing this out, I see that fees have jumped 10x from one block to the next (pending block […]

Bitcoin ETF Review

Friends and enemies, I had some time this weekend to do a little research on the state of the US ETFs. I tried (with a little AI help) to put together the latest info in a way that might be shareable/digestible for a new entrant to Bitcoin via these new vehicles. TLDR: They are taking […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – Jan 28, 2024

Blockheight: 827813   Howdy Bitcoiners, Is it just me, or is the frequency and quality of clown world news increasing? I noted that in the first week of 2024, clown world was at an unmatched pace and things haven’t changed to date Considering that we have a bunch of elections taking place worldwide this year, […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – Jan 21, 2024

Blockheight: 826685 Howdy Bitcoiners,   With respect to Bitcoin, this has been the slowest new week that we have experienced for several weeks. Those who were excited by the ETF, it is no surprise that it could not maintain the hype and we transition back to what matters the most – development on Bitcoin. The […]

Upcoming Week For The CBP – Jan 14, 2024

Blockheight: 825831 Howdy Bitcoiners,   Well the spot Bitcoin ETF has turned into a reality. This is after a false start by the SEC, which released a tweet on Tuesday that was approved, but that announcement was quickly rescinded. They corrected the error by approving the ETF the following day. We got a bit of […]